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Product Specification (download here)
Model Metercube (M3)
Part Number MET0000042
Capacity 1000
Dimensions External (mm) H:1140 x L:1150 x W:1150
Dimensions Folded (mm) H:0 x L:0 x W:0
Tare Kg (from - to) 156 - 180
Gross Weight Kg (from - to) 2756 - 2780
Max S.G 2.6
Base Slope (deg)
UN Packaging Group 2 3
Test Pressure (bar) 0.2
Max Working Pressure (bar) 0.2
Vaccum (Hg) 0.34
Construction Material 304 Stainless Steel
Transport and storage
Warehouse Store
Stack Qty Full 4
Stack Qty Empty (Folded) 4
40 ft Taut liner
Stack Qty Full 2
Stack Qty Empty (Folded) 2
Shipping Container
Stack Qty Full 2
Stack Qty Empty (Folded) 2
Heating Systems Steam Heating as standard, Working Pressure 2 Bar 13.5 Kw, optional Internal coils on request.
Outlet Type Available 2" BSP full flow Ball valve complete with 2" BSP SS Part F camlock and cap.
Liner Bags Not Compatable
Fork Loop Configurations (one per unit)
Single Loop Yes
Double Loop No
Full Perimeter No
Part Number: MET0000042

M3 304 Stainless Steel UN approved IBC (1000Ltr).

Rental Only.
For the transport and storage of Hazardous Liquids UN packaing groups 2 & 3. Non hazardous liquids, Food Stuffs,  Specialty Chemicals, Paints, solvents and much more……

Heavy duty 304 Stainless Steel construction tanks shell, 304 stainless steel pallet base, designed for the most demanding environments.
Forklift truck and pallet truck and top lift.
The dimensions of H1140mm x L1150mm x W1150mm . Idealy suited to containerisation
Self stacking, no need for racking, 4000Ltrs in one pallet space at a max SG of 2.6.

The M3 Stainless Steel UN IBC is a very competitively priced rental option foir the transport and storage of UN packaging group 2 and 3 Products.
The M3 has a capacity of over 1050 litres, is built to last and has unrivalled strength in this class of product.
Easy to fill using the large 460mm dia manway, or utilise the 4 x 2" BSP sockets on the tank top. Fully drainable base. The outlet terminates in a Full flow, 3 piece, 2" Ball valve with PTFE seals, part F camlock and cap.
Large outlets aid product discharge. Fully drainable base. The outlet terminates in a Full flow, 3 piece, 2" Ball valve with PTFE seals, part F camlock and cap.
All seals are PTFE and all wetted areas are 304 Stainless Steel.
A steam radiaitor on the base can be used with 2 Bar steam to give 13.5 Kw of heat or used with water to cool. 

M3 Cleaning and Service Centre
Metano employs the latest Ultra High Water Jetting technology and Industrial Robotics to clean the M3 after use.
All containers are stripped, cleaned, rebuilt and tested on site at our Rowlands Gill facility.
Our service centre Cleans, Repairs and performs UN periodic testing of Metano rental units.
All Metano rental units are reusable and can be recycled at the end of life. Metano can offer a truly sustainable cradle to grave rental solution for all your liquid packaging needs.
Contact Metano Today for a rental Quote.